Friday, July 29, 2011

Best Days of Our Lives (part 4)

Sorry I haven't finished this until now, life has been crazy!

So anyway,

Sunday was a joyous but sad day, since we knew that all of this happiness and union would have to end.

A BBQ was held at the campgrounds, and Pathfinder Village came to us! The food was great and getting to talk with everyone again was great.

All of the little ones played on the jungle gym, while the older ones did pedal karts and mini golf, fun was had by all and we partied late into the night.

The Village people left a while after dinner and tears were flowing.  All of the wonderful people we had met were leaving.  Fairly soon after that, the Wojciks left too since they had a long ride home in the morning. Everything was ending all too soon.

The campgrounds was doing fireworks that night, and nobody wanted them to start since that meant that most of the families were leaving afterwards.  But they started as planned and ended all too quickly.

The Spitz family and ours (plus Molly) said our teary good-byes.

And even though the reunion came to a close, I don't think anyone who witnessed it will ever forget.

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