Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best Days of Our Lives (part 1)

I just experienced the most amazing weekend of my life. "How so?" Because I met some of the most wonderful people to walk the Earth through Reece's Rainbow, including Reece himself.  I also met some of the sweetest people in the universe who just so happen to have Down syndrome and live residentially, but you couldn't call Pathfinder Village residential living by any stretch.

There is just no way to express in words the feeling I had as I spent time with these people.  There was definitely happiness, but also despair knowing that after a few days all of it would be over.  And now that it is there is no way to express the pain I suffer knowing I won't be able to see them for a long time.

On Day 1 of the get-together, (Thursday) the Spitz family was unable to attend, but the Roberts/Faris group, the Wojcik's and Lococo's were all hanging out by a campfire roasting smores. Fun was had by all, but something was missing.

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