Sunday, July 17, 2011

Best Days of Our Lives (part 3)

Pathfinder Village! Officially dubbed heaven on Earth!

Day 3, (Saturday) As we arrived we were escorted to the pavilion in the "back yard" of the Village.  There we saw all of our friends and just played around until the tour.  There were water gun fights, basketball games, and even some pre-dinner snacking.

During the tour we were led into the school, a home, the chapel, the village building, and back to the pavilion again.  The facility was astonishing!  Completely beautiful!  If we ever needed a place for Julia to go, Pathfinder Village would be my first choice.  The workers were so wonderful, and the residents (or village people, as I have dubbed them) looked so happy.

We had a BBQ, with really good food, and got to enjoy some tunes played by a band, and rode some orthopedic bikes.  By the way their playground was awesome!

I had a really great time with Nick, Summer's son, playing with the little ones, and Addisu enjoyed the back of Nick's bike. And we met two especially great guys, Lee and Nicolas,  Lee came over to Taylor, Summer's daughter, and told her that she was his girl friend, which was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Nicolas then decided to join Lee since they are good friends.

Once it came time to leave nobody wanted to! Pathfinder Village is heaven on Earth, whether you have Down syndrome or not!  It's a place where everybody is accepted for who they are.  There is no where else I would rather have been that night!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post!!! Oh what a wonderful time we all had!!!! I just got to feel like I was there again - thanks to you!!!!