Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Sept. 19

St. Januarius

Today my dad taught how to sew on a sewing machine. It was SO nerve-racking! Eventually I got it and made myself a pencil case.  I'm so proud! Pictures will be posted tomorrow!

Also Mrs. Spitz family is ready to ship their dossier! Hopefully our last prayer, to her health, will also come true soon!

And lastly, this Saturday we are selling rubber bracelets at a local town celebration day.  Please pray that we can get at least some small amount of money to help bring my sister home!

Remember to pray for the Nalle's and Spitz's!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Long Time, Loads of News!

As you can probably tell I have been very busy.  So much has happened so quickly!  We have an officer with USCIS! What a blessing! Also, school has started.  Isn't that enough said?  Also a friend of my mom's, Summer Spitz, daughter in Ukraine was put in the hospital which caused alot of strife in both of our families, but with all of the prayers that have been going to heaven for her she is now in the Ukranian "rehab". You can read her blog on my links: Lucky to Love Lyla.

Also today is Catholic Underground!  I go to this event every month.  We have Eucharistic Adoration and a coffeehouse afterwards.  It's such a beautiful experience and I can see all of my friends from Camp Veritas!

Also I just wanted to mention a few of the families I'm praying for right now in hopes that you will to.

  • To start off please pray for the Spitz that Lyla will be considered adoptable soon.
  • Second, the Nalle family, Micah Six Eight, that they will come home with Aaron soon.
  • And lastly our family, that Jenny will be home with us soon.
Hopefully I will be able to blog more once school starts running smoothly.