Saturday, February 5, 2011

LONG TIME, no blog :(

         Oh my goodness! There's so much to talk about! JULIA IS HOME!!!! She has been home for a month and a week almost! The wait is over! She is absolutely amazing! I wouldn't change a thing about her.  Every thing is going smoothly so far and she's even adjusting to her glasses well! Yeah you heard me, GLASSES!  I just can't even imagine life without her any more!

         Also the Hooks have a court date to bring home their bundle of heaven on March 31!!!!

         But all of these thoughts of these children with Down syndrome have been running through my head lately. She may be able to get by now, but what about later? What if the children in our school district will underestimate her just because she looks different?  To me she's like any other little kid because I understand the syndrome and all, but for people who are uneducated on the subject, what do they think when they see me carrying her in the grocery store, or walking up and down the aisle with her toddling along by my side?  It really upsets me when people put their all of their possible feelings toward a person in the dump because of a medical term used to describe them! God made these children special! God can see them in a way we will never understand! They look at the world through bright eyes, everything is an adventure! 

I was trying to find a resource that I could use to show people that Julia will be able to do more than some neuro-typical people will ever be able to do. Then I remember a documentary on You Tube that my mom mentioned to me when she  first found Reece's Rainbow.

Even though most of you out there reading this already have seen it just watch it again. I did and I feel like every time I get even more inspired, and my fire burns brighter and stronger!

             Remember that Down Syndrome is a GIFT! God gives it to his special children and we will never even be able to fathom how special each and every person with Down syndrome is.